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Women's team "EXID" up and down due to the sexy dance hip twist burst of red, wholesale nike socks manufacturers especially the members of the Hani (Honey) is called "Xuan Ya successor", photographed by fans break dance movie clickthrough amount of 11 million, a record unprecedented in South Korean singer record. However, wholesale nike socks suppliers fans of the show recently dug EXID photos, they discovered that their super bad quality clothing, socks holes, and still wear the soles off, angry satire brokerage firms too Kengren!
Sign the 15th sorted out EXID recent show photos, find that they often wore tattered clothing to dance, sometimes stockings broke a big hole, there several times already opening soles laugh. Fans are very unhappy that after the explosion of red EXID get a lot of attention, but the brokerage firm was still so squeezing artists, not only affect the community's perception of the outside world. In case members were off the soles stumble at the dance, but also may cause unexpected damage.

In this regard, EXID brokerage company come forward to clarify, explain stockings have been very easy to hook to break, loss of elasticity, cracked soles would also just an accident, because the members of the recent announcement very full, hectic inevitably face this problem. After the news, nike socks wholesale suppliers users also lamented artist living large is not easy, obviously has gained a high degree of concern, but still must be frugal wear such clothing, I hope the company can more reserved some resources in EXID body.

South Korean actress Clara and the former club due to termination decorum, she accused former boss Lee Kyu station sexual harassment, was he refuted and prosecute her on Monday on suspicion of intimidation fear of being prosecuted. "Channel A" television yesterday to get the suspect out of the audio file from Clara, recorded with Lee Kyu station said, "I can get you money helped popularize, the money can also be used to destroy you."
Lee Kyu Taiwan recently arrested on suspicion of kickbacks, wholesale nike socks distributors the US Overseas Korea News "Sunday Journal" noted that he wanted to set up brokerage firms selling weapons, meet with artists and officials, and had tried to bring Clara to attend.
Clara last June with the former owner signed in 2018 expires three months after the termination want, nike socks wholesalers because demand will not go, boss of sexual harassment allegations, both sides argued, therefore Clara image plummeted, returning early from Hong Kong to shoot movies home introspection.